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Pardon me...Sumimasen.

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name: Honda Kiku

nickname: Much prefers being called by his family name, especially by strangers, though it's seldom the case.

age: 35

date of birth: Feb. 11, 1975 (Showa 50)

hometown: Nagoya, Japan

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I stepped out to do a bit of shopping last night and was hit with the sudden realization that I have never been more happy or content than in these past few months. I wasn't shopping for anything special, just some things we needed around the house. But it was the realization that when I got home, there would be someone waiting for me, that I had become so comfortable in my daily life that it was almost something I could take for granted that really just hit me all at once.

I smiled all the way home.

[Blog]Moving Day

The big day is already almost upon us. We'll be handling the move in two parts on Saturday to better deal with the price of truck rental. The morning portion will be the heavy furniture lifting from Willem's place, and the afternoon will be various things, including a large collection of books, from mine. 

If anyone is willing to lend a hand in the morning or the afternoon, we would be thankful! Of course, we'll be feeding any assembled movers as well!

[Blog] Please excuse my last post

To anyone who read my last post, I apologize.

I was having an interesting night, to say the least.

Please do not be alarmed or concerned, things are quite well and I am excited about the impending move.
Willem and I are the last people in Liberty. Possibly on the planet. If you are still alive to recive th\ messafe oleasr dsf,mzxdd x ,mddsz

[Blog] [No subject] (strikes deleted)

I'm not really sure how you can measure a man. But I think that by taking away the things he loves the most, you begin to see the true face of who he really is.

On another note, the diet is not going well. I may cry if I have to choke down another tomato. Why is there nothing good on my doctor approved list? But on the bright side, I think my kitchen has never been cleaner.

[Blog] Good news and bad news

I went to see the doctor today, and...well. For the most part, I am rather healthy. Eyesight and hearing checked out fine. Weight is good, and no problems with cholesterol. The only problem he found was that my blood pressure was abnormally high, and after some questions about my diet, he determined that my sodium intake was far too high. 

The long story short is, I will need to go on a diet.

I have the most intense craving for shiozake...or ikura...or senbei.


While checking my schedule planner for the week, I noticed something I had been...well. Hoping to forget was coming.   Putting off  Not been looking forward to.

This week I'm due for my yearly check up. 

Wish me luck.

[Action] - Slip of the tongue

Something had been bothering Willem all evening, that much Kiku could tell. But he'd shrugged it off as nothing when questioned, putting on a pleasant face and pretending that nothing was on his mind. And while Kiku appreciated that Willem was making the effort, a silly little selfish part of him wished that he didn't feel he had to. 

He'd let it slide, though. Until about halfway through dinner, when the little voice in the back of his head reminded him that he had a pretty surefire way to check and see if something was really bothering his boyfriend. Concentrating far more on reading the thin lines of color that moved across Willem's outline in little pulsing waves, he forgot to pay attention to other important details. Like the fact that he was point blank staring at the blonde from the other side of the table. And that he in fact, did not know how long he had been doing so. Willem had asked what was wrong, and if he possibly had something on his face. Stammering, shocked out of his trance-like state, Kiku tried his best to come up with a flailing excuse.

"I just thought that perhaps you looked gold--COLD. I thought you looked a little COLD!" Practically leaping away from the table, he shuffled and half stumbled to the doorway. "I-I'll just grab a blanket. Yes. A blanket. For being cold."

[Action] Birthday Surprise!

The Royal Café closed early on Monday, though light could still be seen through the drawn filmy curtains that blocked the interior from the street view below. Preparations had all been made. All that was left to do was wait.

Earlier that day, he'd hand delivered an envelope to Willem's front door. Inside was an invitation.